Gosh From Yaputhma - Halcyon Nights

Gosh From Yaputhma - Halcyon NightsGosh is a musician of Lettish club subculture, organizer of legendary project Yaputhma which is rather famous but not popular in Latvia.
Music here is a half an hour mix in electro-house style. There were times when such music was popular on Station 2000, it was played for hours, its place and time are still left in remote 90s. As for the instruments, basic stress is laid here on dance rhythms, numerous female voice samples and acid sounds of grooveboxes, substitutes of anthropogenic machines used in its time by the whole Detroit techno school. This mix consists of several compositions joint between each other, everything is very positive, but at the same time absolutely not experimental and narrow-streamed. It's just club music from the past sounding, you may even not turn on the radio – nowadays it's hard to find such music. At 7 minutes 19 seconds there appears very interesting and making glad turn to the side of deliberate dark. But this darkness is not frightening at all, these are just shades slowly falling onto the city, the boat thrown to the shore keeps getting overgrown by the flowers of non-transient nostalgia. If you haven't been to clubs of 90s, haven't heard Station 2000 and don't know anything about the first raves, than most likely you won't like this album and it will be absolutely incomprehensible. But if you are 'in the theme' then you'll smile hearing the first minutes of Halcyon Nights, as it's the flashback to the past, when the sun was soft, people were more open and it seemed that the future of electronic music is ahead of it.



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