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V/A - Get A:Head

V/A - Get A:Head12-inch vinyl GET A:HEAD was released in February 2009 by the Los Angeles label Mashup Soundsystem. It contains 5 tracks of musicians from Britain, USA and Brazil. Club-oriented release bursts in the very first track "Oxna" by Element Abuse – powerful rhythmical noise crashes all around with the help of distorted sound hammer, blood inside starts boiling up together with the lines of graphical spectrum analyzer. Energy and drive, packed into sharp grinding sound and pulsations, are proceeded by the remix by the same Element Abuse for the track "Purpose Aches" of British project Helicopterface. Only two ways are left – whether to hide far away from this wall of abrasive sound or to give way to its monstrous pressure. Perhaps this music is only for industrial performances in a club full of people with extreme energy with their attention turned into their own dark quasispaces, people who don't bother much of the musical accompaniment. At least at home I can't listen to it and it doesn't stand out for something special among a ton of other breakcore/rhythmic noise releases which I get from time to time. Twisting breakbeat over the blanket of dark ambient constructions of composition "A Dry Red Shard" by Concrete Cookie is far more interesting on this background. Here one can hear the tremendous, a little bit terrifying cello and something similar to guitar. Track "Positive Collide" by Helicopterface proceeds the conception of the two first on this record. In big room this music will obligatory make you move – no matter how and where, movements will become the necessary condition for existing inside the created noise-universe. The last composition of the release doesn't fit in this universe at all. It's a composition by the Brazilian musician Retrigger, apparently, a person with truly free, jazz conception of music and way of thinking. "Mean A Swing" charges with positive emotions and good mood. It may seem, that the ending is absolutely illogical, though it's a very interesting final part of a ambiguous release.

- Mashup Soundsystem


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