Tonikom - The Sniper's Veil

Tonikom - The Sniper's VeilThis time sniper's shot was more accurate than it was with the previous album Epoch. Release The Sniper's Veil starts with track "Temporarius Delerium", by the way, with powerful break-beat rhythm which charges you with energy very much, there is enough energy and open drive. At once it reminds of Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers, Headrillaz and a whole series of other break-beat teams of 90s. Not bad, such strong and confident start overlays the following two tracks "Peripheral Movement" and "Instar One" in which, be the way, appear floating rhythms. In this sense track "Watching From Here" is more interesting, there are points to think over plunging into anthropogenic cycle and sad sound theme. As well as in the previous album, in "In The Far" everything shifts to deep trance, but sounds much more original and integral. Nevertheless Tonikom works with syncopated rhythms much better than with straight drums. One can feel it well in this album too. A great minus of this album is sheer programming, music is not played but programmed and made up. Like on a plant. Musician must hide his energy in the patterns, and, unfortunately there is not any possibility to play up the melody. The next is composition "Of Those Great Walls" with certain mood and voices hidden inside, it intrigues. Further the album varies in genres close to hip-hop and chill out, but such compositions like "The Gesture" slightly irritate, though the ending of the whole release is even more incomprehensible. "Look But Never Touch" – not serious approach. And the cycling of the album lets us know about it, all these samples moving in cycle – that's a very simple way for a musician. Too simple. Don't know why, but it seems to me that a girl called Tonikom is not quite a musician, but a club DJ.
Sometimes it's even harder not to record music than to try making it. Here comes the thin border which can be easily crossed, though this way leads nowhere.

- Tonikom
- Hymen records

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