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Keef Baker - Pen Fifteen

Keef Baker - Pen FifteenNew release by the scene veteran on German Hymen really attracts attention and charms. We were waiting when this moment will finally come, as the previous album Redeye raised too much feelings and impressions, and we waited for continuation not in vain. I'll tell at once that there is no sense to analyze the separate elements of this double release. Those who are interested will buy it and get acquainted with this music on their own. I'm still impressed by live guitars and other instruments, the manner of playing these instruments, electronics used while recording, but the way of music performance makes me glad still more. The musician seriously worked with the sound and melodies, without them music would be dead.
Though it's worth to touch upon some important moments and pay intent attention to them. In the previous album Redeye Keef Baker shocked the listeners' consciousness with the burst of armour-piercing tracks as "Kirkstall Morrisons", "Derbyshire Dark", "Tombola Thrill Killer" and so on. Here, in Pen Fifteen he decided to make an abrupt change in his methods of recording and creating music. A step aside from creating crash compositions to album-oriented thinking. It's a far more complicated way of self-expression and even more complicated for understanding. But it's a high level and that's impossible not to mention it. One can understand this album only after reaching definite level of understanding, without it this release will seem hollow sounds. Though Keef Baker absolutely wouldn't mind proceeding experiments with himself and his music. That's the right way he follows – he complicates the task for himself and for the listeners. That is the only way to move to something new, here's the sense of any creative action. That is not to follow the interests of narrow-minded audience which is rather often just a one-day multicolored decoration, but really to search for and find your own music. More complicated and that's why more interesting in the course of time.
Light City is the second compact-disc from this double edition. According to certain information, that is the approximate sound of Keef Baker's lives, and that is really so, it impresses very, very much.

- Keef Baker
- Hymen records

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