Cyclotimia - Music for Stockmarkets

Cyclotimia - Music for StockmarketsBold release by Petersburg label Zhelezobeton Cyclotimia - Music for Stockmarkets appeared at the end of 2008 and took at once his place in my top-10 of 2008. The end of material world is not far off, any subculture musician can feel it. Though few of them will be able to draw conclusions and all the more to record the appropriate soundtrack to voice the present economical processes and also to perform these processes on the non-material level.

Cyclotimia is a serious professional project which already had experience with valuable albums, they have what to say and it's worthy to get acquainted with their discography and listen to their music. But Music for Stockmarkets differs from all music recorded and released by the team earlier. It's the work of another level, it has another ideas. As it is written in the press-release to the album, here reign minimalism, academic sterility, surgical accuracy and meditative estrangement. And in fact it's really so. By the way, all is painted with light tones, no black shades, there is no reason for sadness – sad are those who have what to lose. I'd like to add that if you listen attentively you will hear how in Music for Stockmarkets little time clocks tick – the end of capitalism epoch is not far away and it's an obvious fact. Sometimes it's very pleasant to watch on TV the fussy London, burning Strasburg and America choking in the mass of useless green papers...

Music for Stockmarkets consists of three parts - Requiem, Trivial Pleasures, Financial Glossary. Wallstreet Requiem is for me the most charming and breathtaking part of this significant trilogy, it transmits the information most accurately (as music is none other but information, though of another sort). It is the information about the processes around us, often invisible ones. Music in the album is just and instrument, that's impossible to imagine other variants. The thing is that everybody has his own instruments and means of communication with the surrounding world, in this question Cyclotimia is a sharp, spirited and, the most important thing, intellectual sound project authentic to our time. The album lasts for about an hour but that's absolutely enough to deepen into the world filled with conceptions, mathematical figures, exchange indexes used with usable terms and so on. Just read the titles of the album's compositions: "Investor", "Secret Markets", "Global Economic Forum", "ID Number", "NASDAQ", "Office Comfort", "Negative Territory", "Oil", "Cashflow"... Have you seen or heard something of this kind in electronics?
So, if Music for Stockmarkets doesn't kill capitalism, it means, it will be killed by something else.

- Zhelezobeton
- Cyclotimia

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