The Bureau Of Nonstandards - The Bureau Of Nonstandards

The Bureau Of Nonstandards - The Bureau Of NonstandardsNowadays the so-called 'circuit bending' gains more popularity among the fans of modding audio devices. I'm dissimilar to it, and what I approximately know is that people take to pieces their old samplers, drum machines and other instruments which are today of almost no value (including kids' toys) and on boards they lock all contacts which don't deal with the device's feeding. That's very hard to predict the result and maybe unreal. Maybe that is what interests electronic musicians in 'circuit bending' that is constantly searching for new sounds and ways of their production.

American duet The Bureau Of Nonstandards has released their own at the moment record in 2008, they use this very approach to creativity. Kevin C. Smith was engaged with modding of musical devices and toys, and Maurice Rickard with the help of a laptop was processing the sounds made by these devices. Grinding sounds, squeaks and buzzing seem to move us through different rooms with rather abstract places and odd sound backing from track to track. The whole album was recorded live in different corners of Pittsburg that makes the tracks more full of life, though sometimes they are lack of some more accurate structure. Perhaps much chaos in composition would prevent you from listening to these album and other albums of such kind. That's interesting to deepen into The Bureau Of Nonstandards for one or two times but then you get tired of it.
But in general guys made an interesting electronic trip, starting with the album's cover and up to music itself filled with handmade spirit. And it doesn't matter that the copies of the album weren't made at a factory (one can see it with unaided eye). I definitely like such approach - people don't just produce something experimental and unclear for most people, they try to find the material realization for their music and don't attack the Internet with audiofiles.

- Onezero Music


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