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Kashiwa Daisuke - 5 Dec.

Kashiwa Daisuke - 5 Dec.Talented Japanese musician Kashiwa Daisuke stroke me with his second album Program Music I about whom I wrote in 2007 and whom I'm still listening with great pleasure. Being impressed by that music I never could understand 5 Dec. released this year. It seems as if the record became the collection of musical ideas, trials and mistakes of the Japanese during some period of time. Wonderful abstraction around piano with electronic effects in tracks "Red Moon", "Silver Moon" and "Broken Device" stand close to the breakcore discharge of "Requiem", cosmic techno track "Black Lie, White Lie" and even overdrive, dirty, almost shapeless noisy "Beautiful Sunday". That's not eclecticism, not at all, perhaps much makes these tracks common. They perfectly demonstrate talent and thought diversity of Daisuke as an electronic musician, but at the same time all together they create shapeless mess, listening to which you get tired very quickly. Most likely as a result, album 5 Dec. will leave after itself only separate, beloved tracks (each will have his own beloved ones), though it's not able to be an integral, adjusted musical bullet, striking straight into heart - like it was Program Music I some two years ago.

- Noble
- Kashiwa Daisuke


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