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Alva Noto - Xerrox vol.2

Alva Noto - Xerrox vol.2The first release from the series Xerrox by Alva Noto produced by the label raster-noton in 2007, turned to be unexpected and very disputable for many people. The musician diverged from the basic conceptions of previous musical works and created something new for him - complicated ambient sound made with the help of samples from different sources processed by the unique software. No place left for rhythms, pulsations, clicks and abrupt noise mosaics. Personally for me Xerrox stood out at once thanks to his original character - there was an impression that the sound seizes you into his stream and drags, drags, drags you somewhere...

The second of five releases became available actually at the beginning of 2009 and was indicated by the subtitle "To The New World", and the first part was called "Old World". In such a way attention was attracted to the fact that samples for the second part were made in the USA, where the basic work with the compositions was conducted. In the first four tracks of Xerrox vol.2 one can feel more freedom and ambient. The feeling is as if the vice of technologies unclamped their grip let out some more primary beauty of live sounds. In general I would say that the second part of Xerrox is less structured. Even after the powerful and noisy final part "Xerrox Meta Phaser" which bursts the surrounding space, "Xerrox Sora" returns the listener closer to the sounding of vol.1, the feeling of freedom and space doesn't leave you. Well, in general, having left the concept and style of the sounding, with the second of five discs Carsten Nicolai brought something new to the whole series, he added a particular intrigue. Well, let's see, what will be further in vol.3, vol.4 and vol.5, that's very interesting...

- Alva Noto
- raster-noton

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