Pixel - The Drive

Pixel - The DriveThe third solo album by the Dane Jon Egeskov, better known under the pseudonym Pixel has recently been released by the label raster-noton. In The Drive with the help of musical images musician depicted his imaginary car trip along the USA roads. Paving the linen of guitar amplifier drone filled with the effect of feedback, Jon paints the asphalt of endless road, dividing line and desert, trees, buildings and many other objects passing by the car. These objects have sense only in this very moment, till they are in the field of vision. Perfect effect of a long trip and partially - hypnosis, when one can deepen into his inner world minimizing the value of material things in thoughts and conclusions. One kilometer, 10 km, 100 km... The trip becomes not a part of life but an intermediate route between the part before the trip and that one which will be after it. Of course it didn't do without the crowning Pixel rhythms, sequences of the abrupt sizzles and hissings, sometimes merging into rough digital texture. In The Drive rhythms don't have the same value as in the previous two albums which were literally subordinate to it. But still, as earlier, rhythmic constructions performed by Jon Egeskov are a separate breathtaking theme. They turn the compositions into unforgettable trip through the matrix of minimalistic electronic sounds.
Judging by the talent of Pixel in making beautiful, content-rich tracks out of the minimum of components, we can say that the skills got in jazz remained a definite hint in his electronic music and I definitely like what is made by this person.

- Pixel
- raster-noton

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