Benjamin Finger - Woods of Broccoli

Benjamin Finger - Woods of BroccoliThe debut album Woods of Broccoli by the Norwegian musician Benjamin Finger was released by the label How Is Annie Records on the 23th of March 2009. 40-minutes record includes 10 tracks modestly joining into the single warm piece of music. The feeling is as if you were wearing an old woolen sweater with naive brightly colored pictures - greetings from childhood, music of memories about beloved toys, funny child dreams and deeds. Its mood and style almost reminds of the music which I heard in different periods on releases of labels FatCat and Moteer. Live guitars and piano as the basic material, sprayed inside the room space, and modest rustling electronics as the means for their elegant coloring. Compositions run one after another and if you play the disc on a lazy day off it could be unmentioned when it stops and starts again.
A perfect addition to music is the beautiful, slow vocal by the invited Therese Aune, Inga Lill, Anastasia and the album's author himself. The voice merges with music and they perform their main purpose - they rock you on the waves of carefree pastime and soft melancholy, and with the help of this music you want to plunge into it.

- How is Annie records

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