Machinefabriek - Mort Aux Vaches

Machinefabriek - Mort Aux VachesStaalplaat together with VPRO perform a series of live concerts of musicians-designers released under the name of Mort Aux Vaches brand in limited edition of 500 copies. So that all copies would be spread among fans, collectors and musicians' admirers. This release is obviously not for wide masses. And it makes me happy that these copies are really bought. This time they recorded and released the live of project Machinefabriek (Rutger Zuydervelt) in a six-panel cover. Machinefabriek is the Dutch Rutger Zuydervelt already well-known for the audience thanks to his albums and projects, such as: Dauw, Freiband & Machinefabriek - Oahu, Machinefabriek + Stephen Vitiello - Box Music and numerous releases on different CD media.

This record consists of three parts of one composition "Bathvale" played live with the help of a guitar and a laptop. Notion "Bathvale" means a segment of depth form the sea surface between 200 and 1000 meters, where no sunlight can reach.
The first part is introductory, the musician is of no doubt making the audience feel his mood and only then he comes to the basic part. "Bathyale #2" is a trip through the underwater Venice, constantly sinking into the sea, the world of twilight, underwater sunk kostels, the skeletons of the city and darkness. And of course the most breathtaking part of this sound trilogy is "Bathyale #3". Here one can stay without emerging to the surface for oxygen, an underwater dock for the ships which got lost, they are covered with driftweed and time. Machinefabriek is able to be quite surprising, and for the next time, after listening to this pearl work you start interpreting his creativity in another way. Must recommended!

- Staalplaat
- Machinefabriek

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