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Sinter - Crust

Sinter - CrustOn net formation Heavy Mental appeared the next release. This time it's a mini-release by project Sinter available for everybody as it's free to download. All is the same as in the previous releases – homemade cover intentionally not fitting the definition "design". Ideology is also the same, homemade too. In general, the pure underground, not spoiled by any excess nuances.
If you listen to all previous releases, including this one, you will reasonably ask for whom it is. And the answer will be direct and very simple – all is made exclusively for themselves and for small contingent of people interested in such themes as home-taping, home-publishing, home-music etc.

All starts with track "What Makes Us Human". Slowly speeding up beats mixed with syncopated rhythms, stolen robotized female voice of a girl-doll... The continuation is "Stay Here" - all is the same. The author is obviously in his own closed, restricted space, and it is so small and narrow that it's impossible to make a step to another side. "Tightly Closed" is a more rapid development of the theme, though its development in fact doesn't have much sense – all the same there is borrowing of everything from everything possible. About 10 years ago it was rather urgent to analyze what's happening in the West and to make your own things using the western groundwork, but in your own way. Modernizing and creating new syntheses. Now it's absolutely not urgent, the West sinks fast in its own rubbish. Under "rubbish" we mean senseless conveyor wide-scale production of forms-frames without any content. As well as dub-step that recently has got into fashion, with its numerous noise diversity which spread over the whole Europe and caught almost all musicians...
Now, in 2009 it's too uninteresting. There's no sense to proceed analyzing the release in detail, though it's worth to pay attention to one very important thing – composition "Pusher". It's really a very amusing thing, something really sincere and fresh is present here. In general, question which is interesting most of all is: will Heavy Mental forever stay a local intellectual ghetto for lost musicians or it will overstep it and take more interesting, more original, distinctive, authentic level?

- Heavy Mental


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