Swod - Gehen

Swod - GehenSwod is the project of two musicians - Oliver Doerell (guitar, bass, electronics) and Stephan Wohrmann (keyboard, drums) who made acquaintance in Berlin in 1991. The album Gehen is their first joint release made on label City Centre Offices.

Music here is unobtrusive, it includes smooth pourings of piano cascades which make listeners stand still and enjoy created rainy autumn mood.
In the first track keyboard sounds just like rain drops. During the track time raises wind symbolized by percussion. At the end wind calms down, rain stops leaving only sound of broken radio which sounds like being near the listener during all album time.
In general Swod superbly joined together noise effects, keyboards and dense bass, playing phlegmaticly note by note. You imagine it like soft damp soil with rainy melodies growing out of it.
Each following composition is like a memory, a story about late events told to yourself sitting near a window, looking into the marsh of crying heaven solving the noise of old radio standing on windowsill in cigarette smoke. No excess note, all human emotions altogether reproduced without any needless details.
There is no doubt, that this group's first album was their success, it makes us wait for their further works impatiently.

- Swod
- City Centre Offices


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