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Nebulo - Avutma

Nebulo - AvutmaHaving appeared on Hymen rec., the second album of Nebulo immediately attracted our attention. We wrote already about his debut release Kolia, this time it's even more interesting for us to listen and see the direction followed by this mysterious musician from France. The album starts with composition "Lactoz Pill" - it's already not the gloomy introduction as in case with track "Ant" in the previous release casting over dark thoughts. This time the project's author Thomas Pujols displayed himself and moved to the side of the open light and open space. And this is the main difference between the releases Kolia and Avutma. By the way, the decisive difference. Music became more bright, free, less reserved, in the role of tinted corners the author uses noises and active noise effects. Idm and clicks'n'cuts are present here in plenty, clicks and the effect of jumping up sound cross all music of album Avutma.
Darkness is absent here at all, though in compositions there is still enough sadness, piano parties and inner desertion. Soundtrack for unshot films, unpainted pictures and unlived life, but all is about how it all might look like. Such parts of compositions as "Stramir", "Kido", "Pause" demonstrably show it. And the tenth track "Substeel Animal" is to my mind one of the best tracks in this release, the second visiting card left by the musician. It's the true idm as Nebulo sees it - catching, memorable, sensitive and fragile. General impression after listening and looking through the photos used for Avutma design is rather positive. I suppose that in the next album if it will be, all may be even more interesting and original. Here, of no doubt, new healthy synthesis and sound solutions are needed. And cardinal sound solutions as well as searching for new instruments for creative self-expression.

- Hymen Records

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