RMSonce - Reflections

RMSonce - ReflectionsUnder pseudonym RMSonce hides the Spanish mathematician, pianist, composer and video artist Francesc Marti, whose third solo album was released this year by label Medusa Music. Unfortunately I was not acquainted with previous creative works of this musician and I just heard some fragments in social networks. Maybe that's why Reflections turned to be even more interesting for me - when you listen to a new work by a familiar musician, you already know what can be awaited and unfortunately surprises happen rarely. And as concerns the new album of RMSonce, before listening I read only press-release and I was glad to make a new, very pleasant discovery.

9 tracks in general became an excellent trip to the world of electronic experimental music, it has caught not only by its interesting sound but also by its composition and the theme development. Droning ambient can be filled not with rude noise, clicks and other glitch-products forming the layers of electronic effects (something in Pan Sonic's style), somewhere human voices can be heard, apparently processed field records are used... In general, the sounding is rather diverse. Also it brought me happiness that no track stays on one place - music lives and develops opening the dark, expressive horizons before your eyes. The central track "Reflections" prospered in it most of all, gradually forcing the strain during the 9 minutes sounding. The string ensemble adds here epic character to the whole album, reaching the top of sound obsession - at about the 6th minute you feel that you can't move, mentally piercing into imaginary body of the sound wave. In conclusion for me I would mark out Reflections as a good album, catching with its content, the album without "commonplace" and uninteresting tracks.

- Medusa Music
- RMSonce


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