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Nightech - Field Carriers

Nightech - Field CarriersOne of the last conceptual albums of Nightech, the composer of dark ambient music. It was released in November 2005 on the German net label Tonatom. Nightech is the pseudonym of the musician Ed Sherbakoff unfortunately unknown in the central part of Russia. That's not the first release of this composer-visionary, from time to time he releases his albums on different labels. With the help of Nightech's plays we are able to travel through time, look into the remotest corners of the universe and decode the sound messages received through music. It's much more interesting than to listen to senseless music so actively propagandized by the modern cooperative society.

Album Field Carriers is the collection of 13 original compositions united by a special thematical concept - the interest to everything happening in space and to the work of university machinery. Serious, complicated dark ambient not for laymen. After listening to this album and numerous attempts to understand it your attitude to the surrounding world and music may change, that would be wonderful if this process becomes irreversible.

"Egbirp" is the connection to the space system and creating of certain mood. It's perhaps the classical model of 'dark music' for initiates. Odd paranoid keyboards and voices in Audsoen start chasing the listener from the first seconds of the track, here the core of music is post-industrial.
"Tomsued" sounds like a hymn to another world, it's solemn and loud as if leading us to something more important and eternal than life itself. Without solvent, magnetic Ecrescr this album would be incomplete. Perhaps the most charming play of the whole album - euphoria, weightlessness of space.
"Nureap" - sampled mosaic of guitar strings, hammond-organ fragments and deep inner feelings.
"Slogsenc" - paranoid sketch like electric discharges in other creatures' consciousness.
"Trytpor" - yearning to be written 'try port'. Ideal soundtrack for arrival to some unnknown planet.
"Hamolg" - dissonance of the uncommon sound, enormous panorama of another worlds, parliamentary's tube from the alien camp.
"Scoogtach" - slow approach through a bog with the help of stalker.
"Rposag" - morning metamorphosis, disappearance of shades and megaphone talks of space patrol. One scene from the remote cybernetic future, though already tangible nowadays.
"Ewperr" - disappearing dot-and-dash, sliding industrial landscapes.
"Ibpord" - one more composite sketching hard for decoding and further understanding.
"Ouglax" - disturbed obscurity of questions left without answers. Coda of the last track is really magnificent!

- Nightech
- Tonatom


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