Sturqen - 01

Sturqen - 01No labels, no distribution, no information about the project even no tracks' titles. All I know about Sturqen is that in project's team there are two people, they are from Portugal. CDr in transparent plastic envelope is the release made without outside help, can be ordered from these musicians. Well, such disputable approach to distribution of their music...

This disc really shakes you up and gives a portion of energetic charge - acid and trenchant electronic rhythms, distorted crunching sound mass is ready to tear audio tract into pieces. Uncompromising sound sends you to workshops of chemical plant somewhere inside strange galaxy - all around there are huge kettles with poisonous boiling up mass inside. Whistling, crackling and clanking spreading over the territory don't bother biorobots ruling the process. Rhythms, rhythms, rhythms! Rhythm is like a program for microcontrollers of conveyor robots. Together with piercing rhythmic component twisting and iridescent bright sound acid also adds up to the reaction. With their dry, sharp sounding Sturqen reminded me of vinyl by NHK about which I wrote at the end of previous year. I think that if we leave a half of the most valuable and interesting tracks, it would be much better for home listening, as the rest of them, more monotonous and predictable would bore me quickly and press over my mind. And in general Sturqen threw over me rather entertaining distorted beat shower.

- Sturqen


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