Francisco López + Andrey Kiritchenko - Mavje

Francisco López + Andrey Kiritchenko - MavjeCommon work of the famous Spanish audiodesigner Francisco López and Andrey Kiritchenko under laconic title Mavje appeared on Nexsound several years ago. This record is interesting not only for fans of absolute concrete music but also for everybody who wants to look into the depth of self inner world, to research new territories and feel new opportunities.
Mavje is in fact a sound performance developed and performed by two creative individuals. It longs for 51 minutes 51 seconds, all is very much balanced, here is introduction, main part and coda.

With several first seconds at the beginning of the album listener-visitor gets into dense stream of information transfer. There is a feeling that this is the very speed of spreading new virus in networks or this is how the process of momentous informational zombing people in mass-media society looks like. One can suppose much according to this theme, though Mavje experience takes its roots in ancient Slavic mythology. And it makes its inner content even more breathtaking, immersing and charming. Metaphysics and mythology are very close, here even closer. Under concrete circumstances and with concrete opportunities each listener can turn into sound traveler through another dimensions, more dark and unknown than our surrounding world. This very invisible sound element always attracted attention to artistic works of Francisco López. Duo with Andrey Kiritchenko turned to be not less breathtaking, but more penetrating to secret corners of sub consciousness. Entrance to these corners is in images-pictures inhabiting everybody's mind.
It's better to listen to this release in headphones or with maximally high sound quality, only then you would feel what the sound artists wanted to perform, word "musicians" is absolutely irrelevant here. I speak about a really serious sound trip over the borders of subjective, in some moments density and volume of the sound will raise to definite sound measure which is able if not to press over a man with its weight than easily to prepare and switch him to special inner state. Hypnotic sound can start dividing into several independent noise streams, and it allows the listener to research and observe the processes taking part in the second and third surfaces. The sound can also disappear at all and appear some time later as if from nowhere, but in fact these are smart manipulations of the two masters aimed at keeping the listener off from familiar, tangible frames and throw his consciousness far away from the surrounding reality. Ancient gods are alive in their world till people here remember them, and music is just a sound film shot by people.

- Francisco López
- Nexsound

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