36 - Hypersona

36 - HypersonaRecently I've been looking though one of blogs dedicated to ambient and I saw a beautiful picture with big figures 3 and 6. It was a coincidence that 36 is my favorite number, don't know why, I just always liked it, that is why I couldn't pass through release with such cover and visited the site of label 3six Recordings. It turned out that under the cover there was album Hypersona by musician, information about whom contained only his nickname - 36. For the moment it's the only release of this musician, it's free to download in mp3 format and those who liked his music can order a compact disc packed into digipack for price chosen by the buyer himself. Earlier I met such free, confidential scheme only while selling mp3/flac/wav files but not discs.

If you don't buy the CD, then I advice any listener of ambient music to download mp3 album. Airy, voluminous sound - enveloping cloud of reverberations and soft pads, sounds of pastel shades and indistinct lines. Some tracks are led by electronic and acoustic piano sounds, some of them turn into the stream, river of shapeless rough sound mass dragging away motionless body. Something in label Type's style, something similar to Infraction, in some places one can hear references to ambient produced by Kranky or Hymen (Lusine Icl, Tim Hecker, Eluder, Julien Neto...). Of course it didn't go without characteristic filed records - rain, birds, records of human voices, radio... Very pleasant, not boring release, if it catches you, that will be for long. I think the musician can be sure that if somebody orders the CD, he will pay a good sum, but not some 2 dollars.

- 3six Recordings


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