Eventless Plot - Ikon

Eventless Plot - IkonMy outlook about Greek electronic music gets wider. Earlier SP wrote about Mobthrow and A Wake A Week whose albums were released on Athenian Spectraliquid. Recently I got the debut work of another, unknown for me Greek project Eventless Plot. Music of this trio is a mixture of experimental ambient and various live instruments such as piano, clarinet, guitar, it all is skillfully filled with characteristic electronic microsounds. One can hear something similar in releases of such labels as Mille Plateaux, Raster-Noton or 12k. I found something interesting and catching in this album. The sound doesn't just spread over the walls and doesn't drone monotonously, there is the development of composition, even not development but a hint at development that makes Eventless Plot's work a little bit delusive and misty. Discernible inescapable melancholy doesn't make acquaintance with this album simple, though it's interesting to listen to it as if you were opening the new verges of your perception. Above-mentioned live instruments perfectly fit into general sounding, using these instruments, to my mind, points Ikon out among many other similar works. For example in track "Harck Back" exactly clarinet accentuates the darkish tones creating the atmosphere of such noir from 'twilight zone'. And the repeating piano chords in "Ikon.3" sound even a little bit frightening but at the same time attractive and charming.
The album must undoubtedly interest the fans of various experiments, there are enough of them and the 40 minutes of the record pass without mention.

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