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Adam Trainer - Twice Worn

Adam Trainer - Twice WornTwice Worn is the first solo album by Adam Trainer released by Australian label HellosQuare Recordings in May 2009. Now, when outside it's 40 degrees Celsius, this album sounds accordingly to hot summer weather. Warm live sound, piano melody and field records on one scale pan balance with drone and rough, abrupt, abrasive electronic on the other. Rather common modern experiments - soul and mood are created by acoustic sources and electronic means texturize the surface of the sound adding interstices, worn spots and dints, some dust and other aesthetic noise. And the result is warm, I would even say hot mixture pleasant to touch when the fan standing nearby directs to you its wind streams.
Of no doubt, it's a good album, though having listened to it for several times I caught myself at the though that no track impressed me so that I would remember it and replay it in my memory again and again. I would like it to be so, though perhaps the musician lacks that element in solo creativity which would add unique features to his music - be it character of sounding, composition style or something else...

- HellosQuare Recordings

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