V/A - In The Rhetoric Of Rupture And Re-appropriation

V/A - In The Rhetoric Of Rupture And Re-appropriationRecently I've received a pleasant surprise from Italy - that was a CDr with compilation In The Rhetoric Of Rupture And Re-appropriation. This disc has limited edition - only 50 copies on Ripples Recordings, home page of which makes it clear: "Ripples Recordings is a small cdr label". Before getting acquainted with it I didn't know any musician who took part in it or even if I knew them, I hadn't kept them in mind. So this disc was a "dark horse", and you don't know what it's expected to do and you are really a little bit afraid of it. But it's pleasant that such ultra-limited releases often turn to be devilishly original and interesting.

The dark side of the CDr includes the same dark and in some places gloomy experimental music, the basis of which is formed by field records - various rustles, grinding and so on. Listening to this disc you think sometimes that for most of these musicians Francisco Lopez was as a teacher. Though despite the same conception in most tracks each author added his own interesting style. Many field records covered with deep drone, digital cracking sounds and special effects are especially close to each other as if you can touch the sounding object with your hand. It's the main distinctive feature of this music, together with it you fall hundreds of meters under the earth surface, there is no sun ray, no wide spaces and each new rustle makes your heart sink...
Together all tracks of the compilation form a surprisingly whole and catching sound trip, like a good, well-planned album. And I'm sincerely sorry that In The Rhetoric Of Rupture And Re-appropriation was released on CDr with such modest cover and small number of copies.

- Ripples Recordings


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