V/A - Birmingham Sound Matter

V/A - Birmingham Sound MatterCompilation which recently has started on label Audiobulb Records is the new project of Francisco López, guru of such phenomenon as Musique Concrète. López's arrival to Birmingham in 2007 can be considered the start of it, there he was giving one of his 'Total Darkness' concerts. Later the musician decided to return, he gathered a group of British musicians and proposed them all to record sounds inside Birmingham. After a definite number of records was gathered, all members of the project together with project's director made of them 8 long-lasting compositions which absorbed the spirit of the idea that sound is not projection of some reality, it's self-sufficient, and can be considered as an entity by itself. All that was received in the result can be called by fans of classifications as "non-music". In general, rather amusing notion. What is music and what not? Birds' singing and cars' noise in the track of Martin Clarke or the sound of water in the work by Bobby Bird as for me belong to music more than that what is poured out on us by the surface of musical industry.

All material recorded in Birmingham was scrupulously arranged by the musicians. They add their own elements to the composition to their taste, most often it's dense, low-frequency drone or canvas of vast ambient sounds. Here one can notice not banal mixture of tracks with field records but the work with this material. Like an artist works with oil paints, and sculptor with pieces of clay. You think at once that it's something like "abstraction"...If you play the disc like a background, well, it will be so, but listening attentively you notice the complicated structure and rich images. You notice that what can't be found in pop music, and people are free-tongued to call pop music "music"...

- Audiobulb

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