V/A - Miwak Twelve

V/A - Miwak TwelveOn the occasion of the 12th anniversary of its creative work German label Hymen prepared and released the double compilation Miwak Twelve consisting of 33 compositions by musicians both who already had releases on label and friendly teams. This compilation was released in collection sixpanel envelope covered with original minimalistic photos with information about location of all members of the project. We may say at once that after all previous released compilations label Hymen successfully avoided self-repetition and created the new sound palette. Here the listener is expected to hear more melodies, various mood changes, but the main is how it all sounds. Nobody has ever heard such sound with Hymen. With the first incredibly beautiful and deepening track of The_Empath "At the Heart of It All" one can be very much surprised and maybe even not believe that this is music of the German label. Too checked, acurate, balanced sound, brutality, dirtiness of sound and deliberate primitivism in information transmission have disappeared. Emphasis is really made at melodiousness, arrangement and lightness of music itself. But you can make sure that this is really another side of Hymen listening to "Frosd" by Slam52 and "Concevoir" by Millipede - here there will be more than enough rhythmical technoid structures already met in compilation Masonic. Composition by Somatic Responses "Takayama" impressed greatly, there is such a feeling that there plays merry club track in electro style with ambient final part moving far away. Further our mood will be ruled by compilation's created according to intricate system. Two dark tracks go on end: "The Old Growth" by Defrag and "The Source" by Tonikom. Both tracks are obviously in the same style. They are changed by very beautiful pair by Nebulo and Deru: "Sunurb" and "Between You and Me" supplementing each other. This very moment on compilation is very attractive and authentic to modern label's sounding.
The next voluminous connecting link starts with tracks by Black Lung, Lowfish, HPC, Access to Araska - "The Hostmen of Tyne", "Wreckage", "Phoenix", "xt10.20zp9" and it accordingly finishes with "Awake" by Architect. I can't say that I've heard something new for me, I just felt emotional attarction of metallized music roots. The next magnificent fragment of the compilation "Vector Step" by project Dryft is a very sensitive and bright sketch from a dream. The first side of Miwak Twelve is finished by Hecq with track "Sleep Through the Day". It's kind evening music which ideally fits for the first part's ending.

The second part starts with extremely beautiful composition by Combustion - "Building the House of Vanity", the amazing voice belongs to Caro Roth, this project is not familiar to me and I don't know this vocalist, but what these guys made is the true authentic pearl.
Ginormous, Snog and Crunch presented here the earnest compositions strengthening their positions of serious musicians on electronic scene. Composition "Sacrifice" by Keef Baker is one more bright godsend in the compilation. Maybe this is one of the best tracks of the double release, maybe this is one of the best musician's compositions. It starts with running piano keyboards parties and right in a moment it drives crazy everybody who hears it. It seems that the whole world around stops and one can hear distinctly all that lives inside us. Emotions and feelings really overflow you, and music turns into the swift sound fall.
Some more important moments. The compilation consists of a wide spectrum of styles, there are at least 10 of them here or maybe more - idm, electro, dnb, ambient, dubstep, easy, breakcore, hip-hop and others. Because of this very diversity all sounds very slightly and freely. Concerning discoveries, new names and godsends - there are enough of them all in this compilation. And music of the young musicians is far from being worse, in some places it's even more interesting than headliners' music. There is no sense to enumerate all inetersting projects - better to listen on your own and choose those who caught you and made you interested. Miwak Twelve is a serious, worthy present of the label to its fans, in musical collection this release of no doubt won't be unneccessary.

- Hymen Records

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