Tokee - Plus

Tokee - PlusThis year label Dope Records started in Israel with two releases by project Tokee - Plus and Quintuplet. This music is free to download in mp3 format, and for megalomanias - limited edition of CD discs (1000 copies) packed into pleasant digipacks. There is little information about Tokee itself in the Internet. It is known that this is Anatoly Grinberg's project. As it's written on label's site, he was born in "Evil Empire" (apparently in Soviet Union) and now he lives in Israel (on the "Holy Land"). Musician's creative work was influenced by such projects as Kraftwek, Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy, Can... Evidently album Plus's legs grow with love to industrial in this or that form of it and with musical education allowing to create melodies and harmonies correctly and not just to experiment with sound and rhythms. Among general dark industrial atmosphere of Plus one can hear syncopated IDM rhythms, dense ambient layers and melodies on archaic vintage synthesizers. From track to track there are new, interesting pictures, bright and full-value events and emotions. But what is it - I'm listening to one track, the next one and the next and suddenly I understand that I can foretell events' development. Sometimes in Tokee's creativity everything is too simple, in some places compositions are too linear, there are few experiments. I think that this is the main disadvantage of release Plus for Sound Proector's reader. Especially if you listen not to separate tracks from the release but as I like it, you listen to the whole disc from the beginning to the end. This album includes both wonderful emotional tracks, among them are Pa", "Am", "Cm", "Lr", and some boring and idealess places. Though in general it's pleasant for listening and available for everybody who's interested.

- Dope Records


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