Poordream - Immaterial Monarch

Poordream - Immaterial MonarchJohn Valasis is not a beginner on a musical scene despite the fact that this album is the first one in his discography. During several years, being a professional sound designer, he was a producer and sound engineer for other artists. Though it didn't prevent him from creating his own music. And now, finally under the pseudonym Poordream, thanks to the cooperative work of labels Spectralquid and 33 Recordings sees the light his record Immaterial Monarch.

In general this record is not only his, 7 of the 10 tracks in the album are the remixes for the main theme "Immaterial Monarch". To my mind, it was hardly a good idea to release the debut album consisting almost totally of remixes. In the original one hear something interesting, feel some mood, idea, compositional methods, but the remixes lack it very much. Well, it seems that it has some conception, the artist was influenced by the sensational film series Zeitgeist. During the whole album we hear phrases like "I'm a human being", "My life is value". But in the second remix this repetition starts boring, and five tracks are ahead! Yes, they sound in different ways, many styles are represented here... Though it's not catching. I can't say that I'm strongly against remixes, or the quality of these very remixes seemed to me lower than the others. The thing is that in sum they make an impression of some jumble without wholeness being at the same time joined with one theme and conception. The eclectic features weren't useful in this case, it didn't have the effect expected by the musician. Let's take for example Mahos Paterakis Riot Mix. Perfect syncopated rhythm, interesting groove, in general a good club dance mix. But one thing is unclear – why is this track here, in this album. And perhaps that's what I can say concerning the rest of the tracks, it's possible to listen to each of them separately, though together one by one (as I always do it) – sorry, no.

For a netlabel 33 Recordings such release could be a good one, though not for such challenging company as Spectraliquid which released Blackfilm, A Wake A Week, Mobthrow. I think that it would be better if Poordream have released his single or ep at first and with less tracks, though musically more valuable than just remixes.

- Poordream
- Spectraliquid
- 33 Recordings


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