Javier Hernando - Luz Nacarino

Javier Hernando - Luz NacarinoI got acquainted with some releases of the Spanish experimental label Geometrik several years ago in one of record shops. Their releases such as Francisco Lopez - Azoic Zone, Esplendor Geometrico - Anthology 1981-2003, Alain Wergifosse - Deep Gray Organics made a very serious impression. In Spain there is their own small industrial experimental scene, original and attracting attention. The key figure on this scene is the cult team Esplendor Geometrico which exists since 1981 and has released several tens of original works all over the world on such labels as Staalplaat, Gift, Daft, Hymen and so on. Solo works of one of the musicians are released on brutal German Hands Production.

In 1990 label Geometrik was founded, it was engaged in releasing works of Esplendor Geometrico and other spiritually close musicians. In 99 there appeared their sub-label Microgama the executive director of which became musician-experimentalist Javier Hernando, with this very album we'll start researching of releases by label Geometrik. Javier Hernando is the veteran of the scene, musician, member of numerous experimental projects and a person hosting his own authentic radio program. Album Luz Nacarino is his first debut work released under his own name and the author spent several years to create it. Final result, this release, looks very worthy and intriguing. And this is the main difference between numerous untalented musicians producing music about nothing and really serious audio-artists, creating their masterpieces very rarely though making them extremely clear. The first composition "Efluvia" is the soft micro-tonal music, obviously making ready to further listening and its task is the inner setting of listener-visionary. In track "Pulsion" there appear pulsing and speeding up analogue sounds. The title corresponds to its content. There is a feeling that the listener is inside a space centre of flight control and there takes place the exchange of information between transmitters and satellites. In "Tremolo Sonda" electrical resonances, click'n'cuts flicks and hypnotically deep penetrating harmonize perfectly. Quite possible that it's a perfect soundtrack for science-fiction film about some other forms of life. I'd like to point out also the sketch in micro-tonal manner "Retorno Tras Retorno" filled with sun energy and special Mercurian atmosphere. It's as if through illuminator you were observing the magic transformations and light play on some unknown planet. It all evokes very warm and clear feelings inside, they can be compared only to the feelings of endless deepening into cotton. "Ecto Kirliania" if minimal-techno exists, then it exists by no means in modern dance pop-embodiment, though extremely in this strict and serious aspect. Long before appearing of stylish discos, producers and so on. I strongly recommend to get acquainted with this track closer and it's possible somebody will get interested in the true side of techno-music. Compositions "Gris Omega", "Bruma Caustica", "Modulacion De Medianoche" are here some kind of album's ending. From dark otherworldly and cosmic sketch "Gris Omega" the whole sound and mood noticeably transforms into "Bruma Caustica". And as concerns the final composition "Modulacion De Medianoche", to feel this music, one must meet the daybreak with it and see the morning daybreak over the horizon line.

- Geometrik


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