To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie - Marlone

To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie - MarloneProject To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie consists of two people: vocalist Jehna Wilhelm also plays guitar, and Mark McGee makes all the work with electronics and manipulations with sound. These manipulations mostly form the dark, moire sounding of the team - rather dirty, dull, viscous sound - is nothing else but laborious processing, breaking and mixing of sound masses making in the result something like a waterfall of apocalyptical post-rock, folktronica and even noise.
I remember that moment when I was listening to their debut album for the first time, it was called The Patron, I'd caught a cold, had a terrible headache, the state of total prostration killed all my thoughts, wishes, movements and emotions. This music caught up my state and winded its strings round my body, tightening nodes stronger and stronger. I could sit or lie just looking into one spot or looking at ceiling... In fact it's not important. One can just nod his head, sniff his red nose and stay in the same state. Here it is - the integral feature of psychedelic music if we digress from other styles and genres. Listening to this music you feel like moving slowly from one wall to another being put into chains of your small world's circle, like a minute pointer with limited space of clock dial.

That's amusing that the second album of the project caught me in the same very sickly state boarding up all the ways out of my inner space. Perhaps music of To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie in Marlone doesn't bring new, another emotions. I think they decorated and calmed up their sound, organizing more "user friendly interface" with access to labyrinths of their dangerous creativity. And as concerns my sick person - I didn't like such situation. In The Patron there was more heart breaking mood, more moments when you were ready to knock your head over a concrete wall. Though in Marlone music didn't lose its mood but became more transparent and pliable. Nevertheless such tracks as "I Hear You Coming, But Your Steps Are Too Loud" and "Turritopsis" still make you sweat a little bit.

- Kranky

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