Halogen - Baked

Halogen - BakedHalogen is an absolutely new unit in electronic music, the work of the British Adam Janota-Bzowski who started his creativity as a guitar player and vocalist on London underground post-rock scene. Later, when he started studying audio design and digital technologies in music, love to live instruments developed and transformed into that what can be heard in the debut full-value album Baked and the previous small EP Recycled Broadcasts.

After listening to it for several times I'm sincerely sure that Baked is a good album for a rather wide audience. But what I didn't find in it was the necessary for my mind great amount of ideas and interesting realizations. All that I heard is not new and can be easily predicted. Though I really liked such tracks as "Ohmu", "Baked", "Etik", "Parvelon" and listening to them it was a great pleasure to examine the dark autumn horizons slightly changing their color from green to orange-yellow. Halogen makes his work skillfully and with feeling, he accurately measures the soft ambient pictures with the central themes of the album. He joins glitch electronic rhythms like bright mosaics, the roots of which are in notions like "IDM" and "downtempo". Slow, simple melodies, very pleasant for listening, please the ear like warm sea waves carefully covering parts of the tired earth. But when you try to deepen into it and move away from the surface you hit your head over the bottom. In Baked all is clear and perfect, though too simple and averaged... I can say for sure that listeners can like this record, many listeners will like it, though it isn't able to catch and hold to the heart (soul, brain, pancreatic, tailbone whatever you want).

- Maternity

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