Krzysztof Orluk - Blurred Reflection

Krzysztof Orluk - Blurred ReflectionRelease of Netherlandian label Databloem can easily become a wonderful finding for the listeners of noisy digital ambient. Polish musician Krzysztof Orluk prepared in his second solo album Blurred Reflection the live and pleasant sound dish of music which is absorbing the space and silently shuffle over the walls, ceiling and floor with its rough fibers. What is this? Soft and dense layers of drone, sampled orchestra instruments, field records, cracking and clicks, gently and very neatly cutting up the sound canvas. Familiar and extremely ordinary mixture, through devilishly pleasant for listening, "in best traditions" (yes, my modest vocabulary doesn't allow me to refuse using trite expressions). The sound and mood are a little bit closer to Off The Sky и Tomasz Bednarczyk. Immersing deepness makes one remember project Eluder, and elegance - Beautumn.

Album Blurred Reflection copes with one of the main (as to my mind) missions of ambient music - it seats a listener on a magic carpet and takes him away to horizon through concrete of sweaty walls. In the course of time while tracks are changing, sound pictures are changing, the surrounding... Airy, light themes sink in darker ones and than come to light again - abstraction borders on eventful parts, live with artificial, wide free space with chaining impenetrable backwoods. It's not just sounds...

- Databloem

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