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Marina Rosenfeld - Plastic Materials

Marina Rosenfeld - Plastic MaterialsRecently the Australian label Room40 released the new solo album of the very interesting and uncommon artist Marina Rosenfeld. She lives and works in New York and has been for many years experimenting in various kinds of art - audio installations, video installations, audiovisual concerts and works with photography. Marina's music is first of all the work with vinyl players and dubplates made by herself, with instrumental noises, fragments of human voices and other sounds.

Listening to Plastic Materials you feel like being Alice in Wonderland - entertaining feeling, feeling of discovery, astonishment... Sounds and, with not less degree, complicated and unexpected constructions really surprise and attract attention. It's like walking through pictures gallery in the same slow tempo and unexpectedly for yourself, holding your breath you stop at one picture. I'm sure that the record wouldn't have such an effect if it didn't have those three splendid tracks borrowed from Marina Rosenfeld's "cover version" for "Lontano" by the Australian composer avant-gardist George Lighetti. In American artist's interpretation the centre was teenagers' chorus and that was the key for the title "Teenage Lontano". Interweavings of synthesized pulsations and noises drawing notes, screaming, laughing or just talking voices excite mind and make it search, search and search... Searching for what? It doesn't really matter, the main thing is the process, process of searching and learning new matters. And while listening to Plastic Materials this process is active.

- Room40
- Marina Rosenfeld

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