Druhb - Cone Of Silence

Druhb - Cone Of SilenceDruhb is an experimental project from Spain which has released its album Cone Of Silence on Geometric records. The project consists of 2 members - Jaime Munarriz aka Doctor Professor Munarriz and Javier Pinango aka c-666. Guys actively analyze the sides of minimalistic, ambient and hypnotic music, at the same time they don't hurry up to release albums quickly one by one. All recorded in the release is very authentic to its title. Experimental music from Spain, at list that which I got acquainted with, represents its own colourful sector and considerably differs from music recorded in Germany, England, America and Russia. Listening to the records of label Geometrik, each time I'm unexpectedly surprised by the inner freedom of music authors, their approach to expressing their inner feelings, sincerity and warmness. Everything is very straightforward and not ambitious.
Album Cone Of Silence gathered in itself the live records of project and it represents the launchpad from which one can come off and fly anywhere. This music obviously came to our planet from faraway spheres distance which can be estimated with millions of light years.
The record starts with track "Tubular Hell" - here it is some kind of tunnel leading to the side of launchpad surrounded by stars and haziness. In composition "palpit" there appears rhythm, a little bit metalized one. Evidently this is the very start of the whole trip. Strange as it may seem, this music reminds of the famous compilations from label Warp - Artificial Intelligence 1,2. Though here everything is much more ambient, soft and unpredictable. Spanish musicians-designers created their own variant of electronic music sounding built on the basis of ambient music. Listening for several times to such tracks as "Landing", "undercobalt" and "tanger song" you understand and are filled with the unique sounding of the project. Project's sounding is notable due to the fact that the musicians used a great variety of true analogue devices, samplers and synthesizers. There is special uniqueness in sounding - warm and clear voluminous sound spreading beautifully and intriguing, it surrounds the listeners from all sides and turns it to the light.

- Geometrik Records


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