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Jorge Reyes + Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De Piedra

Jorge Reyes + Piet Jan Blauw - Pluma De PiedraIt's one of the latest works of the remarkable Mexican musician and composer Jorge Reyes who left this world in February 2009. The album was recorded together with the Dutch visual artist and creator of his own musical instruments Piet Jan Blauw. Jorge Reyes is the musician and master of sound psychedelic performances and mysterious rituals, the author of "peyote" music well-known in the whole world. His albums, such as Comala, El Costumbre and Tonami are considered unsurpassed experiences into the unknown world of Latin America, and album The Flayed God released in its time by Staalplaat, is a pearl in music lovers' collection. And it's not surprising, to music played and recorded with the help of Indian instruments such as drums, flute, stones etc Jorge Reyes miraculously adds synthesizers and other electronic, creating and modeling fantastic sound which is able to charm and hypnotize its listeners. With the help of his sound works we can deepen into far away and mysterious world which is outside our reality.
Piet Jan Blauw is inventor and founder of unique musical instruments with their own sound and method of playing. His very presence adds up the inimitable shade to music, split really differs much from all previous work of Jorge Reyes. Here everything looks more electronic than it was before. Album Pluma De Piedra sounds like a serious experiment, taking its roots over the merges of good and evil. It starts with the title composition of the same name “Pluma De Piedra” it seems that due to its memorizable melody it invites to move to the peaks of the unknown searching for new knowledge and understanding of them. While listening to the following 2 tracks "Flores de Luna" and "Manos de Agua" there appears the feeling of flight and speed. Quite probably that this is a special preparation before composition "God of Water (Tlaloc)" - the heart of Amazon jungles, a place where people have never been. Peals of thunder proclaims the rain, the reality of the things happening is incredible, psychedelic and technique of shamanism are extremely felt here, absolutely incredible, hypnotics like snakes charm the listener. Though the most impressive pearl is hidden at the very bottom of the track called "Radio Marcos" with samples of psychedelic voice of sub-commandante Marcos. With this sharp and catching composition ends the tour through the boundary of our world and the world of dreams, legends. Strongly recommended for listening when it's dark outside.

- Geometrik Records


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