Noise Cobra - Tongue And Groove

Noise Cobra - Tongue And GrooveI'm looking at a plastic envelope with homemade CDr by a small Canadian label Patente, looking at the name of project represented here - Noise Cobra. Yes, I can already imagine which trip waits for me after pressing the button with triangle. It's forbidden here to act on impulse, one must prepare, wait for the needed mood and catch the moment. Listening to such disc at any moment, after morning fried eggs is like pouring out a bucket of nails on your head. Because noise music is by no means a thing streaming from loudspeakers of acoustic system. Noise music is first of all the processes which take place inside, while listening to these sounds and the appearing meditative state. That's why the surrounding is extremely important here - mood, things, part of day, season, anything else... And it's very important that musician gives something more besides generated noises - to impregnate his creativity with some ideology and propose a listener to deepen into it. But album Tongue And Groove doesn't propose anything except 15 minutes of dense, dirty, sparkling noise leaving organizing of surrounding to everybody who will be the owner of this record.
The characteristic feature of such music is that when it calms down, you perceive silence in an absolutely different way, a long chain of abstract pictures keeps shuffling in your head as if stroke by something heavy. Noise Cobra smoothed this moment placing a sample of Scorpions's song to the end of the record and making with its help some outgoing tunnel. Such decision evokes mixed feelings - it's so secondary and unoriginal that after the received portion of noise it even seems to be suitable.
It's difficult for me to point out this album out of that mass of noise albums which I heard earlier. Perhaps Noise Cobra (and not only he) for being unique should concentrate not only on noise, but pay attention to its presentation.

- Patente


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