Stanislav Vdovin - Rapid and Tired

Stanislav Vdovin - Rapid and TiredStanislav Vdovin is a musician from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, more well-known under his pseudonym Unit 21. Sampled noise produced by old vinyl became Stanislav's trademark. Of course not the sounds themselves, there are enough of them in electronic music (experimental and not), but the way he treats them, which incredibly deep and dragging away sound carpets he makes with their help, balancing sometimes on the verge of techno and ambient. And despite the fact, that at the beginning of the new mini-album Rapid and Tired your ears are not attacked by crumbly vinyl crack, there is still the feeling of aloofness from external irritants. With the help of four techno tracks of Rapid and Tired one can easily make himself an ostrich, digging his head into sand. There is only monotonous music and strongly functioning brain reactor producing trains of thoughts and the rest doesn't matter. All that is left outside, not digged into the imaginary sand. "And let the whole world wait" as it was said in some ads through tv. It's not techno for dancefloor, I think - no. It's for staring at the sketches flashing behind the dirty window in a bus or tram or any other unit of public transport. Or maybe through the windows of your own flat - that's not important. The important thing is that you are inside, and the rest is outside and that's why it seems that Vdovin succeeded to do a tech'nical and beautiful thing. Beautiful but absolutely not experimental - without dill, paprika, coriander or something else. And what? Doesn't matter...

- Rat Hole
- Stanislav Vdovin


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