I/DEX - Layers

I/DEX - LayersYou stop your car, shut the door and being not sure, you step on the space of a huge field. The city is still very close, though not close enough for saying that you are inside it, and the naked beauty of the nature is still far away to plunge into it. The field is like a sluice separating the web of industrial buildings, dwelling houses and road arteries from wide fields, magnificent trees and the sky not lit by artificial light. Behind there's left the straight road line producing usual moaning of cars passing by, and you make your way forward - to the side of... To the side of reference point. Sounds the new album Layers by the Belarusian musician with pseudonym I/DEX, it sounds straight over this field, more exactly over the sluice - which the field turned to be now. In some places music is prickly and brilliant, in some places it is very smooth and soft, though always very delicate and I would say, animated. Ambient, IDM, Glitch - as you wish.

"And how, damn it, he succeeds in doing that?" - such a thought bursts for the next time while listening to I/DEX so perfectly painting very soft and live pictures with the help of diverse sound glitch-product produced, as we know, by destructive means. Clicks, cracks and fragments of noise merge into organic pictures-layers filling the passing state with sense. You stay at the merge - between a city and nature, between natural and artificial, between coloured and black-and-white, between abstract dream and pragmatism of reality. And somewhere here, somewhere on these borders you find a field through which you are slowly stepping. Stepping until the last sounds of Layers's final track calm down...

- Lagunamuch Records

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