Offthesky + Darren McClure - Suspended

Offthesky + Darren McClure - SuspendedCo-operation of Jason Corder aka Offthesky and Darren McClure happened in a widely-spread today's way - exchanging files through the Internet the musicians worked together at the sound material for the album and they separately created tracks on the basis of the received samples. Since 2007 till 2009 eight tracks have been recorded, they were united into album Suspended released by the Japanese label Symbolic Interaction.

Guys produced delicate, fibrous music with the striking multitude of small details. It combines modest, transparent melodism and digital sound design, effects. Very refined IDM - one can value its beautiful surface, trembling and modulating or one can shift under the surface, inwards where many sound details will become obvious. These are not labyrinths, rather open spaces, full of life, colorful and uncommon. Field records, quite characteristic for such music, add the soft ambient basis. The feeling that each rustling, each click or noise flash is completely regulated, doesn't leave you. They are at the very places where they are needed and sound the way they must sound - laborious and certain work. And maybe this is the reason why the album doesn't surprise, doesn't propose any bold decisions which can take your breath away and make you sweat. But it's beautiful, very beautiful.

- Symbolic Interaction
- Offthesky

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