Kattoo - Megrim

Kattoo - MegrimMegrim is the second release of Volker Kahl. This album is one long track divided into 20 untitled fragments (well, we've got used to the fact that Kattoo usually doesn't bother with the titles for their compositions). From the very beginning you feel Kattoo's style - definite atmosphere that was felt in all creative works of Beefcake and solo album Places. Although the sounding got lighter, less syncopated rhythms can be heard. The alternative for such rhythms is the wonderful 'musical dish' cooked by Volker. In this album Kattoo gave preference to classical music, the so-called 'field records', voice samples and smooth melodies. The whole album is filled with some dramatic melancholy sthrengthening the impression after listening this sound material.

In general, this album is very deep and gloomy. Slow atmosphere sketches are changed by voluminous passages with orchestra instruments (their emulations)...
Sometimes (for example, in track 14 and 16) we can hear the freedom of rhythm accompanying and decorating the melody. Then it moves to the foreground winding in the style of still unforgotten Beefcake.

- Kattoo
- Hymen records

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