Mika Vainio - Black Telephone Of Matter

Mika Vainio - Black Telephone Of MatterI think that there is no use of introducing Mika Vainio to the readers of our webzine. This person has already produced and keeps producing extremely interesting music both in solo projects and in duet Pan Sonic with Ilpo Vaisanen and in various collaborations. And it's very interesting that under his own name Mika releases different works, the music which can't be called by the fans of classifications any way except "experimental". It concerns all three albums released earlier on label Touch and it concerns even more the new record with the double Finnish-English title Aineen Musta Puhelin / Black Telephone Of Matter. Why more? Perhaps because this album is more unusual and surprising than the previous ones, though one can draw quite obvious parallels. And here is the gloomiest and the darkest sound. Black Telephone Of Matter is a perfect soundtrack for a walk through an abandoned night suburbs under the influence of psychedelics. Impressive sound objects hide round each corner, absolutely common ones in another situations, but in this case threatening listeners trousers' dryness. Yes, gloomy, it's very gloomy here...

Despite the minimalistic sound, there are quite many events in the album, both calm, silent and explosive, powerful. Drones, crackles, buzzing and other noises are wandering in the air, very close and sometimes they simply burst out and let the gigantic energy charge out to calm down then and to intrigue with its own special latent presence. An interesting thing - each time when you start listening to the album, the feeling of newness doesn't disappear. Of course it's possible to predict the development of one or another part of the tracks, though your interest wakes up again and again like in an abstract film which can be attentively watched for many times and understood each time in different ways.

- Touch

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