Yves De Mey - Lichtung

Yves De Mey - LichtungIn his early childhood Belgian Yves De Mey started his creative work with education in the field of cinematography. But very quickly he got interested in experimental electronic music and soon his work was focused on audio design for theater and dancing and that is what he's engaged in till now. Record Lichtung released by label Line this year is an audio component of a dance performance presented for the first time in March 2008 in Hamburg. The conception of the performance created by Antoine Effroy and Anne Rudelbach and performed by Catherine Jodoin is to create a unique situation by the movements of a dancer and sustain this physical state as long as possible. A dancer gradually moves from the distant part of the scene to the foreground bringing the action closer to the auditorium, and it has its reflection in sound changing its deepness in the course of time.

And though the visual component is unavailable on the compact-disc, there's no possibility to see the dance but why shouldn't such music having its own unique theme be released. I think that these sounds convey the idea of the whole performance not badly. At the subconsciousness level they increase the perception deepness of a separate reality moment. Time in its common interpretation loses sense as if all clocks of the world stopped and the existing sequences lost their reference point. Lichtung is recorded as one track but it consists of various sections each of them deepens us into its body and stops the reality movement in this moment. Everything around - material and spiritual shrinks into one point, now we can lose touch with the timeline and start feeling independence of it moving from one sound feeling stage to the next one...

- Line
- Yves De Mey

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