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Ahnst Anders - Many Ways

Ahnst Anders - Many WaysThe second full-value album by project Ahnst Anders appeared on the German aggregation Ant-zen and at once it attracted attention of many experimental music fans. This release starts with a long, unhurried track "Something There", the obvious task of which is to prepare the listener for that which is going to be further.
The beginning reminds of a free-fall parachute jump, the thing is that the subject doesn't get closer to the earth but most likely all actions take place somewhere inside parachutist's mind. Kid's whispering voice coming up just leads you to the thought that this trip won't be like any other trips. The next composition "Crushed" starts with the monotonous and hypnotizing technoid rhythm which won't let anyone get free of its embraces until the next track "Dust".
By the way, at the very beginning of its creative work Ahnst Anders started with playing as a DJ in different clubs and then at some moment he changed his vinyl players for musical instruments and started recording very odd music. Listening to composition "Dust" for the next time one can be sure about the authenticity of the way chosen by the musician for his music.

In the result the musician is really an artist gathering his musical works of the tiniest pieces, creating at the same time a unique collage consisting of the recorded sounds of the sea, birds, water, wind and a great amount of industrial noises. Album Many Ways is in fact an imprinted in sound unknown ambient-noise territory, absolutely desert and safe, maybe a little bit anxious, though disposing to a walk through the suburbs of our industrial world. Deepening into the next track "Silent Whisper", you feel minimum like a psychedelic talib creeping like a shadow through the sands of a desert left after the destroyed civilization. Album Many Ways is recommended for the label's fans as well as for those who want to come to the new sound forefronts and discover something really original for himself.

- Ant Zen
- Ahnst Anders

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