Millipede - All My Best Intentions

Millipede - All My Best IntentionsAlbum All My Best Intentions appeared soon after the release of two-disc compilation Miwak Twelve on the German Hymen. Under pseudonym Millipede hides American musician Don Hill, who started to record his own music already in 1998. Analyzing album All My Best Intentions for several times I had a feeling that while listening to it, day and night were constantly getting confused and exchanged their places. That is how deep one can be taken by such compositions as "Diplopoda Crawl", "Conceivor". Listen, here is really what to listen to - everything is very fresh, here are used the innovative solutions which can't let listeners passing by be uninterested. I was deeply impressed by the usage of guitars, bass-guitars and piano. It seems that these instruments can be used up to the end of the world and each time it will be not less interesting.

Looking at the black-and-white picture of the release any person can imagine what he is going to hear. Add to your feelings even more space, oxygen, some frosty cold and the result will be the reality of Millipede, that's what the author was engaged in for the latest ten years.

Listening to such composition as "Coming Storm" your consciousness imagines at once the research station lost somewhere in arctic latitudes, snow all around, silence, far away the real storm is starting and we can hear its approaching without special radiograms.
One can fall into snow mass also in "Deepest Peace", with this composition Don Hill finishes his debut full-value album. After it appears "disturbed as Hecq remix" - armourpiercing remix which is absolutely unnecessary here, it's too excess for "Deepest Peace", without it everything in this album is still fantastically splendid. I'm sure that in the future album by project Millipede everything will be far more fascinating, and don't forget that this record is just the debut work of the American musician.

- Hymen Records
- Millipede

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