Edith Progue - Timeline

Edith Progue - TimelineThat's wonderful that from time to time in different places of the world there appear such musicians and their works that surprise us greatly. Therewith the sound is original and extraordinary so that it's impossible to pass by.
That's why the sensation of minimal-techno becomes uninteresting and dull - people just pretend to be musicians and producers and they hardly ever manage to create something like the theme Edith Progue or leave something more serious and talented after their work.
The author of this album Bernie Swell has been living in Paris already for more than 10 years. Together with his friends he created a cultural project Izdatso, which joined together the musicians and art-painters who are able to integrate into all musician fields to realize their creative ideas.

The concept of the album is simple to the last degree. The compositions are created with the help of the particular mood, their sounds transform all inner space of a house or a flat into another unique artistic atmosphere. All the techno and urban noises on the outside just add to the recorded music. The music itself is just the ambient system of piano sounds and the effects of delay and echo. The roots of the Edith Progue's system are the experience and sound system of the French musician Erik Satie, actually the founder of ambient. He lived in the 19th and 20th century and left a great number of piano pieces as investment in the future of ambient. These very plays and technological effects became the basis of the whole project.

In the first track "4 A.M." appears the straight drum crossing the remote station like a train. The second play starts with glitch noises in the style of microelectronics, later on the piano supplements the sound landscape and continues its melody. In the fourth play through the whole composition slides the straight obvious techno drum. At a distance various sounds can be heard - maybe the robots' voices, maybe the noise of working devices.
Hypnosonic soundscapes that's the best characteristic for the music of Edith Progue. Dreamy, romantic atmosphere created by warm sounds of piano, rare clicks of microelectronics and techno samples.
Thus even the inner noises of your flat transform from noise to the wonderful addition for the Timeline - all the sketches gain new shades, they are like the elements of the whole integral creative work.
This music is some kind of attempt to regulate the noisy environment and show the inner world through deep thoughts. Next step is silence...

- Edith Progue
- Mille Plateaux


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