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Kattoo - Hang On To A Dream

Kattoo - Hang On To A DreamHang On To A Dream is the third release of Kattoo (Volker Kahl) - nothing brand new, I must say. It's the logic continuation of two previous albums Places and Megrim.
In comparison with Megrim the sounding has become more synthetic - more synthesis, sound effects and drums. At the same time Volker still gives preference to rather complicated acoustic backings and melodies. This cocktail gets stronger and more energetic, sometimes lighter and slower producing the enveloping, hypnotizing effect. The sound reminds of the waves depicted on the album's cover - they draw back and roll in with new power turn by turn. While listening you feel constant strain, orchestra passages influence the musical events happening. Sometimes they are led by the syncopated rhythms so characteristic for Beefcake and Kattoo. General album's sounding is also influenced by atmosphere sounds causing the feeling of cold and anxiety.

It seems that these days Kattoo is in the process of searching for new proportion of electronic music, electronic syncopated rhythms and synthesis which will harmoniously combine with acoustic orchestra music. Well, this new album is rather harmonious, so we may say that these research work is made not in vain.

- Kattoo
- Hymen records

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