Candie Hank - Groucho Running

Candie Hank - Groucho RunningThese days Mouse on Mars`s label - Sonig records released the new album Groucho Running of the German musician Candie Hank (Patric Catani) - member of the legendary project Ec8or and producer of Cobra Killer and Puppetmastaz.
The work with the release took much time and, of course, this time was spent not in vain. This album became the best one in today's discography of the project Candie Hank. The album is joined by the vinyl single Booty Bank/Rob The Bank with highly implosive compositions of Groucho Running + special tracks - some kind of invitation into another world of music for beginners. This world is extremely interesting, full of danger and adventures.

The first composition "Invitation To Dance" is like the whirlwind attacking our room, it turns everything upside down. From the very beginning of the album all space around is filled with cartoon heroes coming from the pages of black-and-white pages comics. Our boring and monotonous everyday life incredibly transforms into the brand new life. It's like the colors of some psychedelic feast on an ordinary grey wall of common entrance.
"Groucho Won't Die" is, of no doubt, the most breathtaking and fascinating theme of the whole release. This musical composition perfectly harmonize with the album's title. The feeling of danger and fatal doom from time to time appear while listening to the compositions of this German composer. Rather odd and interesting is the system of trasmitting of such sharp feelings in the scheme musician-music-listener. Such artifacts are rarely met in our everyday life.
"Kids Stay United" inflames us and reminds of the Patric C's past - times of digital hardcore, Ec8or and the first concerts all over the world. At least, there is such a feeling that this album is filled with nostalgia for those noisy, bright times. Electroclash? Breakcore? Drill'n'Bass? Hardcore? Techno? Dub? Easy listening? All these styles become ordinary toys in hands of the master. With the help of such effects he can easily surprise, blow off our rockers, make laugh and, in general, give rise to positive emotions of any listener. At the same time, music of Candie Hank is really dangerous for those who's unable to make laugh and understand jokes, laugh at themselves and at people around. Perhaps for these people it will be senseless to listen to such an album, why should they be interested in such venturesome trifles? But at the same time it's doubtful, whether these musical styles are really so interesting. Maybe the musician's personality and his skills in creating musical mosaics are far more important in comparison with the imitation of the materials already worked out?
The eleventh composition "To Russia With Love" was, undoubtedly, the result of the remarkable guest performances of Kremer in Moscow clubs. Clownery of the events which took place in Moscow, appearing and disappearing of unreal grotesque heroes influenced the creation of such masterpiece as Groucho Running.
"Psychodixie" belongs to such category of tracks which shift from one album to another one, from disc to vinyl record and so on. Hallucinations materialize and become the norm for the puppet show Candie Hank, and that's absolutely possible to meet such unreal heroes in real life. The emergence of fright and nightmares help to gain the unforgettable presence effect in the final sample Untitled probably borrowed from some horror film with vampires.

- Candie Hank
- Sonig records


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