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V/A - Travel Sickness

V/A - Travel SicknessOriginal release of German label Hymen records appeared in 2006.
Boxset is a flat wooden box in the form of herbarium with 8 pinned discs-butterflies, conceptual mini-albums of 8 musicians from all over the world: Australia, USA, England, Canada and even Russia represented by Solar X, who prepaired his own idm-set - one of the first electronic musicians from this country, living in England now. 
Travel sickness - the matter is perhaps the cultural inner sickness, certain virus, which is so much widespread nowadays in our multicultural civilization. In particular, a great number of spiritual deaths of people who lived all their lives without any intellectual or emotional development. Symptoms of such sickness are obvious - these people lose their individuality, they have the inclination to senseless repetition of the same information received from mass media, loss of their own creative thoughts.
Probably this Travel Sickness is already extremely widespread, as many musicians from different countries took part in the creation of this release's concept. Song  with "7 hymns for the worker bee" from Australia is the last, incredible and touchable mini-album "Inbetween" based on the basis of ambient/idm from non-existant already Gridlock from the USA - crazy and dangerous robo-disco, anxious, dancing electro of Lowfish from Canada.
This release can be the key for understanding of modern tendencies in experimental music. Congratulations! You have got your vaccine and can easily precede your travel!

- Hymen records


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