V/A - Oriented

V/A - OrientedOriented is the starting compilation of the young Belarus label Trace representing its own sound preferences and architectural landscapes. In creation of the compilation were engaged several basic Belarus projects specializing in microelectronics such as: i/dex, -ed, aiv, hhtp, harmash.

Well, let's start from the very beginning - Oriented is not only compilation of music and musicians, designers also made a great contribution to this music by their original sound collages joined by one general mood, inner state of mind and perfect balance. Microelectronics is a very specialized and elite theme itself. Few people are able to understand and create music of such kind - not quantitative, but qualitative equivalent plays the main role in this case.
Microtonal noises, squeaks, rustles, glitch cuts add to the wondeful feeling of the warm summer with its pleasant sun rays, fresh shade and slight, soft breeze. There is such a feeling that all microelectronic music of this album is nothing else but the inner feelings of android and other planet's nature represented in the form of music. Alien meadows, waterfalls, rivers and low clouds passing by.

The soundtrack for inconceivable fantastic landscapes from the four-dimensional space. It's senseless to analyze this remarkable collection in detail and tell about each separate composition. If you are really interested in this music, you are welcome to download and listen to it making your own conclusions.

- Trace


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