V/A - Bioluminescence

V/A - BioluminescenceThe last for today compilation of electronic dub from the western coast of America by Native State records. This album perfectly shows the latest tendencies in the dub electronical music all over the world. The roots of these tendencies can be easily found in the past - from the hut of Lee Perry in Jamaica dub started its way to other countries all over the world. In this music white musicians noticed something special they couldn't find in reggae. For them dub became the powerful source of inspiration, positive, new vibrations and ideas for creativity.
Ryan Moore and Twilight Circus created their own exclusive dub-sound which is nowadays hardly accessible for a wide audience of software religion. Such projects like Twilight Circus don't come up just from the thin air.
Rhythm&Sound is one more wonderful European team of dub-engineers, perhaps the most well-known in Europe and other countries of the world. Their realized creative potential became the huge dub-storage for the whole dub-culture in the space. Such superstars of the English electronic music as Leftfield, Massive Attack couldn't pass through dub-culture and in their creative work they, of course, touched upon some roots of the dark dub. The most successful development of electronic psy-dub soundsystem belongs to the English musicians of Twisted records: Ott, Shpongle - their investigation in the form of compilation series of Backroom Beats 1-2.
In proper time Scape records proposed their own version of dub-music with perfect presentation. Unfortunately nowadays it's rather hackneyed due to the works of electronic headliners like Pole and Deadbeat, they were the last who used this musical material in such a way.
Thinner net-label didn't stay aside and joined this fashion tendency having added their own colors and shades to this music, endlessly they had the pleasant and original result of their work. In general, such was the scheme of dub-scene development in the world.
Nowadays Native State records is perhaps the only engineer of this music who seriously takes care of the development of the new contemporary electronic dub sounding. Compilation Bioluminescence perfectly demonstrates the continuation of dub-music world-tour adding to this such notion as Dub For Sale and showing that black-and-white times of opposition to Jamaica are totally over.
This compilation was the final part of this music's development cycle. It's obvious that new tendencies can come from new hugs of the new, original Lee Perry or King Tubbu. White musicians managed to transform this music and lead it to its logical ending, they joined it togeter into one compilation of various teams and musicians from the whole world. At the same time they made the charming analogue mastering and a little bit acid night design for the release's cover. It's worth to listen at least to several fragments of this special 'various artists' to understand how perfectly American ingeneers managed to change this music for their own ideas and conceptions. We won't enumerate all musicians (you can do it on yourself - just read the track-list in the application) and deepen into analyzing of each composition in details - you just listen or not, that's your own choice. But you can be absolutely sure that the development cycle of dub music is over - no doubt about this fact.

- Native State records


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