Illone - Best choise of DADA monsters!

Illone - Best choise of DADA monsters!How2make presents the latest work from Illone - Best choise of DADA monsters!
From the first rustles and sounds of the track "Kashimir Malevich" we can suppose music of this kind to be very rare and "not for all". I mean the music of Best choise of DADA monsters! is open for everybody, but as it often happens not everybody is able to understand it.
All the sound components of this album are tuned and built in an easy but extremly effective way - the music is just hypnotic, plunging the listener into another states, rhythms, melodies and specially disguised loops - all of these are accurate devices influenced on listeners' inner life.
There aren't any "normal" and "common" things in this work - everything is extremely "unnormal" and extremely "uncommon". That's why it becomes better and more interesting. For the founders of How2make to show their own views on music is more interesting than to accept already existing views of somebody else. How2make does not popularize music - they just play with it like with toys, turning over and twisting all these microelectronic sounds, robotic beats and every time presenting something original that overcomes the boards of existed and hackneyed styles.
Hip-hop from How2make isn't just hip-hop any longer, but how2make's hip-hop. The same is with all the releases, records and perfomances. For example, the track of "Leonardo Da Vinci", in my opinion, is the most demonstrative thing on this album, where everything serves as a direct message to the listeners. There are too many hidden finds in this release, we should listen to it slowly going down, as diver does, to the bottom of the sea, and move very carefully to prevent falling down and stumbling over.

- How2make


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