Einóma - Encam

Einóma - EncamHere we have the mini-album released in January, the work of the Icelandic project Einóma, which had been silent since 2003. Finally - its long-awaited return, nevertheless... Well, 3 tracks and one remix can hardly be called 'the rigorous return of the team', but, as usual, time will show...

This vinyl record was released on the label Trachanik Records - one of the tracks of Trachanik community. All creative works of this team are filled with idustrial ideas: from T-shirt design and up to the short films and music. The perfect design of the site and appropriate spirit of it add to the general impression of the project and makes it clear what kind of creativity we will hear or see here. Unfortunately, the album is lack of the most interesting part - music. The 'employment sheet' of the label 3 ep includes vinyl, 2 CD and 2 network releases. By the way, before the Encam's release all the records belonged to only 2 projects - Atmogat (founders of Trachanik) and Huron.

Well, let's return to the album's music analysis. Encam differs from the industrial idm represented on the Icelanders' London label Vertical Form - syncopated rhythms, dark abstract melodies, rustles and cold. In the track "Vioveran" Einóma's music was especially similar to its conception of 2002-2003. This track will make any fan of gloomy electronic music feel creepy all over. I'm sure that admirers of this project will like EP and they'll impatiently wait for the team's full-value release. Those who don't like Einóma will hardly change their attitude to this team's creative works.

- Trachanik Records


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